Earlier this year, Brad Pitt’s production company was being widely criticised for its latest project - the big budget Zombie flick “WORLD WAR Z”. After buying the

rights to the novel 5 years ago, Paramount pictures found they had on their hands a film plagued with problems - there were rumours of star and producer Brad Pitt almost coming to blows with director Marc Forster, and there were several script re-writes, and 5 weeks of re-shoots that cost Paramount an additional $20 Million on top of an inflated budget that was already shooting North of $180M!

The film’s release was then delayed from it’s original 2012 date until 2013, and people started to imply that the producers, including Brad Pitt, had No Idea what they were doing.

Critics started lining up to call it one of the year’s biggest flops, but it seems Brad Pitt probably had the last zombie-laden laugh, as “WORLD WAR Z” went on to rake in over half a billion dollars worldwide.

News now comes of a sequel to WORLD WAR Z, but the original’s director, Marc Forster, will NOT be involved…..something that’s possibly not really surprising to anyone. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt’s next movie is on it’s way: due for release in January, its called “12 YEARS A SLAVE”, and tells the true story of a 19th century black man kidnapped from New York and sold into slavery. Starring Pitt and Michael Fassbender, it’s already getting Oscar talk, and the budget for the film?? Just a measley $16 million, which is 4 Million dollars less than just the re-shoots for “WORLD WAR Z”!!!!