Warner Bros Pictures and MGM Pictures have released the first trailer for the film adaptation of Nicola Yun’s young romantic tear-jerker of a novel “Everything, Everything”.

Starring the Hunger Games's Amandla Stenberg Jurassic World's Nick Robinson it tells the story of an imaginative young woman who can't leave her home as due to an illness she lives in a protective bubble. 

Sounds like a similar tale to classic films like

Bubble Boy which stared Jake Gyllenhaal

or the John Travolta film "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble" from 1976

The full trailer is out for The Circle. Emma Watson stars in the film which seems to be a thriller set in a world of a social media / tech company run by a character played by Tom Hanks. 

The Circle also stars Star War's John Boyega and Guardians of the Galaxy's Karen Gillian. 

Shailene Woodley appeared on the red carpet for HBO’s new mega tv series premiere “Big Little Lies” and was asked if she’d be involved with the final installment Divergent series which is making the switch from Film to TV. 

She announced she would "not be on that television show".

After the third film “Allegiant,” bombed at the boxoffice the producers made the decision to do the next in the series as a TV movie with the potential to spin off to a full blown TV series.

If that does go ahead, looks like it will have to be without the major star.