The first movie based on the popular book series was met with mixed reviews. That hasn't stopped them pumping out the second one though. Take a look.. if you dare.


Yet another classic 80’s film is about to get re-made, but this time round there’s an interesting twist.

This remake is going to be written and directed by the son of the guy who made the original!

Remember AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON? A brilliant 1981 werewolf film that had the perfect blend of horror and comedy, and won an Academy Award for Rick Baker’s amazing werewolf transformation effects. In the original film, two American college students go backpacking in the North York Moors when they are attacked. One of them is killed and the other is turned into a werewolf, who then goes on a killing spree in London.

Well, John Landis did the original (he was the guy behind movies like THE BLUES BROS, ANIMAL HOUSE and TRADING PLACES), and now his son, Max Landis, will be doing the remake, with his dad serving as executive producer on the film.


The first two NOW YOU SEE ME films were surprisingly and hugely successful. In fact, NOW YOU SEE ME 2 gave studio Lionsgate their most succesful film in China ever, with the sequel increasing its earnings over the original by some 679% !!

That's a lot of Box Office, so it's no surprise that a further sequel about the Four Horsemen is on its way.

Writers have now been appointed to pen NOW YOU SEE ME 3, with most of the original cast returning for another magical heist. Lionsgate Studios plans to further increase their stake in China by making a Chinese spin-off of the film series, entirely shot in China with a Chinese cast and featuring storylines inspired by the original films.  

NOW YOU SEE ME 3 will be directed by GI JOE: RETALIATION director John M Chu and should reach our screens later next year.