British actor Tom Holland is the young actor who will be bringing Spider-Man to life for quite a while now - he first appeared in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, and we’ll see him next year in Spider-Man HOMECOMING - and he’s revealed he’s been signed up for six films, which will include appearances in further AVENGERS movies.

HOMECOMING will also feature the first on-screen realisation of Spidey nemesis, The Vulture - to be played by Michael BIRDMAN Keaton (see concept art below).

Holland has also revealed the odd way he was told he got the job.

About a month after auditioning, he was scrolling through INSTAGRAM and he saw a post from MARVEL Studios saying, “Visit our website to find out who the new Spider-Man is”......so he went there, read his own name, and went completely nuts!

SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING will be released in July of 2017.





Kenneth Branagh is boarding the remake train for 20th Century Fox!

After his great success with Disney’s CINDERELLA remake, Brannagh is now turning his attention to the Agatha Christie classic MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS.

Not only will he be starring as detective Hercule Poirot, he’ll be directing the film as well.

And it looks like he’s bagged a star-studded cast for the thriller. Joining Brannagh on the new Orient Express will be STAR WARS’ Daisey Ridley, Dame Judi Dench, Michelle Pfieffer, Johnny Depp, and the voice of FROZEN’s Olaf, Josh Gadd.

The Agatha Christie classic story was last filmed as a TV movie in 2001, and prior to that, the 1974 version featured a swag of A-listers of the day including Richard Widmark, Michael York, Jaqueline Bisset, and Lauren Bacall - and scored an Academy award for best actress in a supporting role for Ingrid Bergman. We'll see the new ORIENT EXPRESS in 2017.



A recent interview with Bruce Springsteen revealed that he wrote a song for the Harry Potter film series, but it was never used!

Despite winning an Oscar in 1994 for his theme for THE STREETS OF PHILADELPHIA, Springsteen’s Harry Potter song, I’LL STAND BY YOU, never made it to the screen for reasons he’s to this day still unaware of.

He joins a long line of artists who wrote and sometimes recorded songs for movies, only to have them unceremoniously dropped from the film’s soundtrack. In 1986, Bryan Ferry recorded a song for David Cronenberg’s horror masterpiece, THE FLY. The song was called “Help Me” and was intended for use over the end credits, but in the film only a snippet of the song can be heard briefly in the background of a bar room scene.

But both Springsteen and Ferry are in good company - none other than Sir Paul McCartney recorded a song called SAME TIME NEXT YEAR for the 1978 film of the same name, which was also never used in the final movie!