It looks like Warner Bros are planning a Willy Wonka reboot - but don't worry, Johnny Depp wil have nothing to do with it!

After the recent death of Gene Wilder, many people were revisiting the 1971 classic WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY and his marvellous performance in that film. Now producer David Heyman, (the man behind films like the Harry Potter series, GRAVITY, and the upcoming JK Rowling trilogy FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM), is looking to bring further adventures of Willy Wonka to the screen.

The new adventures will take place before Willy creates his chocolate factory, and well before he meets a young boy called Charlie.  

Of course Johnny Depp and Tim Burton tried a remake 2005, but many were perplexed by Depp’s performance, and the film is often named as one of Burton’s most disappointing films. Nevertheless, the studio seems to think there’s still potential for a brand new Wonka franchise.



GEARS OF WAR is one of the most successful video game franchises ever, raking in over $1 billion in revenue since first release, and we're now up to number four in the series.


Plans to turn the game into a feature film have been failing since way back in 2007. A script was written, UNDERWORLD director Len Wiseman was hired to direct, but after working on the script for another full year, he left the project after the budget was slashed in half by New Line Cinema.


In 2012, New Line dropped the project completely, and now Universal Pictures and one of the PLANET OF THE APES producers, Dylan Clarke, have swooped in and snapped it up. It’s uncertain whether the film will once again prove too difficult to make, but rumours suggest that the new team is determined to bring GEARS OF WAR to the screen, and Dwayne "THE ROCK" Johnson may be along for the ride as central character, Marcus Fenix.  



Hugh Jackman is returning one last time for a run as WOLVERINE - he’s set to retire the character he’s been playing for sixteen years now, since the first X-MEN movie in 2000.


It’ll be the 3rd stand-alone Wolverine movie, but it's been revealed that thankfully, it won’t be called WOLVERINE 3 - instead, the new wWolverine film is titled LOGAN - which is of course Wolverine’s "real" name.


Set in the year 2024, The film promises to have a darker tone than previous entries in the franchise, and will feature an ageing Wolverine whose powers aren’t quite what they used to be. He’s self-medicating with alcohol, and struggling to look after Professor X, who also finds his own powers becoming more unstable. The trailer for the upcoming film is one of the best of the year so far, and features the late Johnny Cash singing the NINE INCH NAILS song, "Hurt".. LOGAN will hit cinemas in March 2017.