With a grand total of $720M worldwide, the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films have been extraordinarily successful ever since the first one was released in 2007. That first film

about things that go bump in the night was made for just $15M, and went on to rake in over $194M !!! Any wonder they keep pumpin’ ‘em out! But this October is the first Halloween without a Paranormal Activity film since 2010.


A couple of years ago, director Michael Bay said he wasn’t going to make any more TRANSFORMERS films. He’d had enough of computer-generated robot mayhem, and wanted

to do something different.


Filmmaker Darren Aronofsky has delivered some terrific films over his career, including The Wrestler, Requiem for a Dream, and Black Swan, but he threw many people for

a loop when he announced that his next project was to be NOAH - the story of the bloke in the Ark with all the animals, starring Russell Crowe.