Natalie Portman won her first Best Actress Oscar in 2010 for her performance in BLACK SWAN, and now she’s getting rave reviews for her portrayal of U.S First Lady Jaqueline Kennedy in the new movie JACKIE.

JACKIE follows the First Lady in the first hours and days after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, struggling with her grief and trying to manage her husband’s legacy after his term as President was tragically cut short.

The JACKIE screenplay has been doing the rounds of Hollywood since  2010, and was originally going to be directed by Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky and star his ex-fiance Rachel Weisz. They both dropped out of the project, but Aronofsky stayed on as producer.

From all reports, don’t be surprised if Natalie Portman is up for a Best Actress Award come Oscars time - the trailer for JACKIE is out now, and it will open in Australia early next year.



1993’s MRS DOUBTFIRE was a huge hit comedy for Robin Williams. Playing the dual roles of a Scottish housekeeper and a down on his luck husband going through a bitter divorce, Williams won a Golden Globe for his performance in the film and the film itself won for best motion picture musical or comedy.

In the time since Robin Williams death, the San Fransisco  house that featured in that film has served as a makeshift memorial to the late actor, with fans and well-wishers often leaving photos, messages and flowers on the front steps.

Now that house is up for sale, and all you’ll need to own it is a measley $4.45 million.

The 3,300 sq foot house has four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms and is located in the ritzy Pacific Heights area of San Fransisco, and while it has been renovated since the making of the film, many of the locations in the house are still recognisable from the film, including the kitchen where Mrs Doubtfire accidentally set her chest on fire! 



JJ Abrams is not keen to rest on his laurels after successfully re-lanching STAR WARS last year with THE FORCE AWAKENS.

Not only has he been hard at work as producer of the new WESTWORLD TV series, he’s still a producer on the next STAR TREK film, executive producer on the next STAR WARS entry, producer of the next Mission Impossible instalment, and now it’s been announced that he and his team will be working on bringing the video games PORTAL and HALF-LIFE to the big screen!

It was announced three years ago that these films would be made, but progress has been slow, and at this stage, Abrams is only in preliminary discussions with some writers who are hoping to turn the games into a workable screenplay. Several years ago, director Dan Trachtenburg  made a short film based on PORTAL (see below), and it was largely on the strength of that short that Abrams hired him to direct 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE last year.