One of the truely great game series of all time is Castlevania. The story of Simon Belmont and his quest to defeat the evil Dracula. 

The game has been inspiration to many other big titles, one that comes to mind is God of War.

Turns our the next installment to the franchise wont be a video game it will be a TV Show and not targeting kids.

The show will be action packed like the game and absolutly brutal which is really good to hear we know its in safe hands as well because its being made by NETFLIX and is out later this year.

Growing up we would head to the local fish and chip shop to play the latest arcade games. 

That was where we played Double Dragon, Black Tiger, TMNT and even this classic, Vendetta.

The side scrolling beat-em-up was a genre that was super popular on arcade machines probably due to where gaming trends were at in the early 90's and also a fair bit to do with how many coins you'd go through trying to get to the end past some impossible bosses.

One of the best for me was the game Vendetta. It had a buddy cop feel similar to Double Dragon and was a little bit more risky with the tone.

I recently was given a chance to replay the classic on arcade with some mates and I've gotta say the game still has it. I'd love to see a modern take on the classic.

Check out this full walkthrough from Games, Games Games on youtube

A new teaser trailer from Square Enix has revealed it has been working on a game based on the popular Marvel Superhero Universe.

No details on the game yet but the footage looks very similar to the "end of world" scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron. The hastag #reassemble hits at it even more.