To celebrate the Commonwealth games I’m taking a look at the top 5 games of the games.

At number 5 – Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, created for Beijing 2008 and with plenty of fun events this Wii title was enormous and fun.

At 4 Winter Games: if you owned a Commodore 64 in the 1980s you had this title and spent hours competing in all the different events

At 3 – Daley Thompsons Decathlon was released for the ZX Spectrum and featured 10 great events, shot put and discus throw being my favourite’s, and released in 1984 this title was ahead of its time.

At 2 – Wii Sports although not based on an actual event still features awesome games like Tennis, Boxing, golf and bowling.

And the number 1 Game of the Games – The Commodore 64 classic that was also later released on consoles – California Games,

this was the complete package and included skateboarding the half pipe, BMX Biking, Frisbee, roller-skating and is still to this day the best surfing game ever created.

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