With the teaser announcement of a possible Last of us Movie to be released based on the popular video game this week we take a look at the worst video game movies of all time.

At number 3 House of the Dead. This movie didn’t even come close to capturing the awesomeness of the arcade game it was based on, in fact the story was apparently based before the events in the original shooter.

At number 2 - Not even an aging Christian slater could save the monstrosity that was “Alone in the Dark” and add to that Tara Reid trying to pass as a Scientist... well that about says it all.

At Number 1 – The Worst movie based on a video game is chosen simply because it got everything wrong. Nintendo should be ashamed that they ever let their beloved Mario franchise become Super Mario Bros the Movie. Bob Hoskins wasn’t a terrible Mario but the creatures and everything else was an epic fail and didn’t capture the hours of platforming fun that we have had in the many versions of the game.

Hope they can do better with the last of us movie,

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