With all the hype around how brilliant Marvels latest super hero movie Guardians of the Galaxy is I thought we could take a look at the Guardians Game available on IOS called The Universal Weapon.

Based on some of the events in the blockbuster movie you jump into various battle arenas and fight as Rocket, Drax, Groot, Gamora and of course Starlord.

The more fights you complete the more characters you unlock and believe me, this universe has a lot of awesome characters to choose from.

Level up to improve your team’s weapons and specials and enjoy the laugh out loud humour that has come directly from both the comics and film.

Even the graphics are funny, instead of a realistic or even comic book copy characters the creators have gone with a bobble head approach giving each character basically the same screen dimension, it works brilliantly.

Guardians of the Galaxy – The Ultimate Weapon 4/5 and well worth the price of a download

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