If you know what “Floop the Pig!” is there’s a good chance you or your kids have seen the Adventure Time episode, “Card Wars”!

Well now the game based on the popular show has come to your smart device.

“Its Adventure time: Card Wars is a battle card game where you summon creatures and cast spells to battle your way to victory against an opponent or AI. (think Magic: the Gathering)

Unfortunately it doesn’t really capture the fun of the TV series and is probably a bit too complicated for the younger target audience that it is aimed at.

The graphics also look like they have just been slapped together, I mean, the show itself is a very simplistic style so how hard would it be to make it look cartoon realistic. Instead they've opted for a semi 3D feel and poor quality animation.

Its Adventure time: Card Wards is a disappointing venture into a normally brilliantly humorous world. What a disappointment!

0 out 5

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