The latest release from film maker Michael Bay is another trip into our childhood, and like the Transformers before it The Ninja Turtles movie will "blockbusterise" the popular franchise from the 90s.

(sure its Megan Fox, but at least she's wearing Aprils iconic "yellow")

So let’s take a look back at one of the games that was spawned from the Awesomeness that was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series, “Turtles in Time”.

(back when a controller had a start button, soon kids wont remember "Start")

This time travelling arcade title was released in 1991 sothere’s a good chance you played this one while waiting for deep fried goodness at the local fish and chip shop or even in a full blown arcade.

Created by Konami, the game let up to four players side scroll through levels beating up Foot Clan ninjas and many other characters based on the popular cartoon series and even the early 90's movie. One of the best moments of the game was grabbing a bad guy and throwing him towards the screen, in the 90’s this was considered almost 3D.

(Tokka and Rahzar from the Secret of the Ooze)

I remember feedingthe 20 cent coins into the machineon this one to see where the adventure would take me next, It's all we would talk about at school, when the bell rang it was a race to the shops to play it.Thats why we were so happy later on when it was released on Super Nintendo which was great cause there’s no coin slot on that system.

The game was again remastered, or "reshelled" in the last couple of years and appeared in the Xbox arcade, so if you see it, take a nostalgic trip to the past, well, many pasts as you are a turtle traveling through time.

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