For years now Pokémon has ruled the hand held gaming genre with its Gotta Catch them all gameplay, until now has only been available on Nintendo.

The IOS solution for this is to completely copy the game and call it a slightly different name.

Enter: Micromon. You can pick this little title up for a little over a dollar and it’s money well spent.

The game has almost an exactly same storyline to its Nintendo cousin as you travel around a world capturing the creatures in a role playing game scenario.

The Battles look exactly the same also. In fact, if anything the graphics are slightly better.

(There is something familiar about these micromon)

I’m really surprised that Nintendo have allowed this to be released, its just such an obvious clone.

Having said that I'm glad it's out. It’s a lot of fun, but make sure you keep an eye on the kids playing it as there are in game purchases that enhance the game play, if the kids have the device password they could end up spending a lot of money without even knowing it.

Micro Mon it’s great but its just Pokémon – 2/5