Destiny is the latest game title from the creators of Halo and its release has been met with some mixed reviews.

The game takes place on an Earth very much in the far future where the galaxy has been explored and planets like Venus and Mars colonized although not necessarily by humans.

The back story is pretty vague but in this instance I quite like that as it means the missions have more re playability, you don’t get too caught up in the end result and instead concentrate more on the building of your character and completing the mission at hand.

Graphically this is the best we’ve seen on the nexgen consoles yet, the landscapes are incredible and the textures on the characters are very detailed.

Leveling up is fun too, it creates that "improvement addiction" that is usually only reserved for games like Diablo or World of Warcraft.

The only frustrating this I found with the game was a limit of 3 people on a co op mission (although when I level up enough for a raid, that may be fun). But if you are playing with more than 4 friends someone has to miss out, or you go play standard team death-match events in the crucible.

Destiny is a 8 out 10

Check out the awesome live action trailer here:


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