Far Cry 3 was for me one of the single greatest gaming achievements of the last few years.

It has absolutely everything, adventure, a great story with awesome characters, action and a sense of roleplaying.

With the release of Far Cry 4 we ask the question can this title live up to the brilliance of its predecessor?

The answer is a resounding......


The new setting is in the picturesque Himalayas and you are again thrust into the middle of a gorilla war type conflict. This setting shows off the graphics of your machine brilliantly. I found the characters this time around were very good,and the setup of the story this time around was a lot faster paced to get you into the action straight away. Far Cry 3 would have made a great movie and I feel the same for Far Cry 4 where the villain seems almost Bond like.

The use of animals this time around is amazing as you lure them into camp sites to use them to help take down your foe. Larger animals this time too like the Rynos and the Elephants feel very powerful, don't mess with them unless you have some serious firepower. There is plenty of that too with weapons, upgrades

Alot of recent titles have been critized for being too short in the campaign but this is a BIG game, you'll find an unbelievable amount of missions, in fact I reckon you’ll be playing this one for a while to complete it 100 percent.

Great long term game with plenty of reasons to pick it up once the main story mode is done – 4 ½ out of 5.

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(image by http://deanjacobsillustration.com/ )