Grand Theft Auto V is an absolute masterpiece. At first glance it could be considered a crass open world explosion fest but don’t be fooled, this game is super intelligent and a very witty satire of America gang culture.

The improvements that have been made in both providing a quality storyline that borrows from some of the greatest gangster films of all time to the controls and gameplay that is now so refined you never get frustrated with movement or driving.

This is the biggest game I’ve ever played, the city is just immense and alive with character. In the new and improved remastered editions for PS4 and XBONE you can really tell how alive it is as you scope zoom in on a car in the very far distance, then travel to that location to find that the car is actually there and active within the universe instead of just painted in the distance.

The Characters are antiheroes that you can’t help but grow attached to and the missions are well spaced and varied enough to keep you interested for the long haul.

The hardest thing about this game is putting it down, it’s very easy to play away for hours without realizing it, getting to the next part of the story and then desperately wanting to continue on.

The recent controversy surrounding the game being pull from certain shops shelves seems like a knee jerk reaction to some poorly targeted advertising. The game is still available in most stores and as a digital download and so it should, its a magnificent creation. Make no mistake this is not a kids game. But considering that the average age of gamers worldwide is around 30 years old it seems that an R18+ game like this is no different than the latest Quentin Tarentino flick or even a good old fashioned gangster film like Scarface you wouldn’t let your kids watch them. This is entertainment and has a classification there for a reason, some of the PC brigade would do well to remember that.

Grand Theft Auto V is a 5 out of 5 and could be one of the most in-depth and entertaining games ever made.

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