Dying Light is an action first person zombie survival game, in other words a real mix of genres.

After parachuting into a quarantine zone something goes very wrong and you wind up in serious trouble only to be rescued by a group of survivors.

It’s at their home base that you are made to go through the training to make you proficient in Parkour.

Example of Parkour:

(That’s the running along rooftops and jumping from one to the next using your environment to move fluid like that you see in a lot of movies. This element of the game really makes it stand out as the physics are extremely well done.)

The idea is to level up and then head out into the zombie infested world on daytime missions. Avoiding the creatures or crafting weapons to do away with them. Look out though because at night the game changes and your advantage is take away as the zombies get supped up massively.

Dying light has a bit of RPG, a bit of first person shooter, and a lot of zombie smashing fun. It’s also a game that you are not going to finish in a weekend.

The graphics are great but it’s the general environment that will blow you away, it really feels alive.

Dying Light is a 4 out of 5

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