Microsoft have announced the Xbox One release date for Halo 5 and it’s good news for everyone because its still on track to be released this year.

We’ve seen a few titles over the last few weeks get pushed back to 2016, including the Nathan Drake adventure Uncharted 4.

Well we can finally set our calendar reminders and put preorders in for Halo 5 because we’ll be seeing it on October 27.

The next game in the halo series just went through some intense beta testing on Xbox and if you bought the Halo Masterchef collection like I did, you would have got a sneak peak.

This game looks and plays better than any in the series. It’s the first for the NexGen consoles and appears to be absolutely massive.

Look forward to jumping in Masterchiefs massive boots again on October 27 and keep an eye on Game on for the big review.

Check out the live action looking trailer here: