Playstations VR headset is an amazing piece of technology and it does so much more than just play those cool VR games, in fact you can hook it up to nearly any device that uses hdmi with some unusual outcomes.


Store some of your favourite Facebook style 360 photos on your console to give yourself the full view through your VR headset. It’s very “minority report” to put yourself back into your holiday snaps even if nothing is moving.


Play your favourite non VR games on a cinema size screen, the resolution may seem a bit lower than playing through your fancy high def tv.. But its still really cool playing games like FIFA Football that big.


Because of the VRs passthrough box you can hook it up to anything.. Even other consoles or maybe your computer if you want to do some work or watch netflix.


Have a play with it and let us know how your go, or what new way you’ve discovered to use it. .