If you are a fan of mobile puzzle games like Words with Friends then I may have just found your next addiction

New to the app store is a free game from minimega called BONZA!

In the puzzler you have to arrange the letter blocks to create words that fall under the title of the level. They will only arrange in a particular crossword looking order though so good luck.

I’ve already put a few hours into this one and it gives you nice little bonus’ like trophies for playing when you first wake up.

Check out Bonza on the app stores now.

4 out of 5






Bizarrely the official EA Star Wars twitter account has said that Xbox One and PS4 versions of Battlefront will use the systems built-in party system for "in-game chat"

rather than an integrated game communication system.

Meanwhile word has also been sent out by DICE for PC users to "choose your favorite third-party software to communicate with friends on PC."

It’s a strange choice not to include in game software for this, but I guess the framework is already there and massively underused so it should work fine.

The only thing it will lack is talking to the randoms that are not in your party. It takes some of the "social" away.



Destiny has launched the first of its in game purchases with 18 emotes that are for sale via microtransactions, some of the moves are pretty good like:

  • Blowing a kiss

  • Slow clapping

  • Fist pumping

  • Sliding a finger across your neck

  • Bowing like a martial arts master

But there's one in particular that stands out: the much-loved "Carlton Dance" made famous by actor Alfonso Ribeiro in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


 It's not unusual.. well it is a little.. take a look at the original