MAD MAX is as much hardcore as it is fun. Set in a post apocalyptic world of disgusting mutations and destructive craziness.

As a sandbox title it's a wonderful mix of a personal playground filled with extreme explosive action. The sense of achievement when you clear a fuel pump area or take down a convoy is second to none.

You will love building up your character and car and as you do you’ll see it look more like the movies which is great. In fact it's a real blend of the original movies with the current Fury Road sequel, but without being a movie adaptation (we know they never work as games), in this instance the game has its own character and feel.


Mad Max is one of the best adult action games since the Batman Arkham series. In fact, it could even be better.


10 out of 10

Destiny Year 2 - The Taken King Expansion will be hitting the shelves of your digital store in September.

The team have been working on making major tweeks to the game based on a year of hardcore gameplay and user comments.

Fans of side scrolling platform beat em ups like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage are in for a real treat.


A group of programmers have taken the characters and basic story from legendary RPG title Final Fantasy 7 and converted it into an action game.