The latest next generation of the Kinect sports franchise is here, Kinect Sports Rivalsbrings all your favorite sports back in new and improved ways, and it’s all made possible thanks to Xbox One’s brand new Kinect Technology.

If the rumours are true we could be looking forward to a new batman game from the legendary creators Rocksteady, Arkham Asylum, City and Origins are all in most peoples top 10 and the thought of a new title in the series on the next gen consoles is enough to get everyone more than a little exciting.

I consider the original “Thief” game the first of the real stealth titles which is why I wasexcited to hear that a reboot was on the way. This new version has a lot going for it, the stealthmechanics are really good and the sense of not being caught is definitely there especially whenyou escape with your hard earned prize.