Rocksteady games announced that after Batman Arkham collection they were done with the Batman games..

It seems that may have been a bit of a curve ball as it could well be that the team behind the Batman: Arkham Origins title which was the only sequel not made by Rocksteady could well be working on a future sequel.

The rumour ( circulating now after test footage was leaked online and then removed just as promptly) is that the next of the games could be based on Bruce Wayne's son Damian Wayne who takes on the role of Robin in the comics and is a fantastically dark character that is being trained to take on the role of Batman in the future. Poison Ivy and White Rabbit are pegged as the game's villains.  

The team at give a great explanation of Damians history in the comics.

Games come in all shapes and sizes and one of the most popular gifts for Christmas this year was the Beyblade Burst. It may not be a video game but it acts just like one with a digital app so that players can interchange components and scan in thier own beyblades.


The new bursts are a big upgrade on the orginal Beyblades from 2011 giving players the ability to upgrade and interchange sections of the spinning top to create more powerful beyblades and do battle in the arena. The Beyblades "burst" on defeat (in various ways, apparentyl there are 5000 combinations). 

To accompany the new toy a tv show has been created, The Beyblade Burst animated series give great context to the way you play with the toy and because on its popularity kids will be after this new and improved frachise all through 2017.

The Beyblade Burst is hours of fun and it's nice to see kids playing with these tangable exciting exploding spinning tops that bring laughs and excitement at Christmas time. 

Well.. not just kids.. I gave it a fair crack on Christmas morning as well ;)


You probably thought that no-one was playing Pokemon Go anymore, well turns out they are.


Nintendo have released a patch that allows Trainers to transfer multiple Pokemon to Professor Willow, Pokemon Icons have been added to Gyms, Candy count for buddy pokemon has been added to the info screen as well as total kilometres a buddy has walked.


These updates come at a time where the game starts to expand its collaborations with major worldwide companies that obviously still see the value in the title. Companies like McDonald's, Starbucks and a bunch of retailers are transforming their locations into Poke Stops and Gyms.


The next update will bring a heap of new creatures so keep an eye out.